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Council 11 - San Francisco

About Council 11

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at SFO. Local CWA #29011

12 days left for a clean PSP extention! EDD call on Oct 2 (Sep 18, 2020)

Council Office

  •  (650) 952-6144
  •  (844) 423-2211 (emergency)
  • Council Roster
  •  (650) 952-5738 (fax)
  •  CWA Local #29011
  • AFA-CWA Council 11
    P.O. Box 250292
    San Francisco, CA 94125-0292
    (map and directions)

Connect with Council 11

Kaitlin White

Kaitlin White

LEC President

Phone: (415) 527-9344

E-Mail: kwhite@unitedafa.org

Kristie Rivera

Kristie Rivera

LEC Vice President

Phone: (916) 320-1836

E-Mail: krivera@unitedafa.org

Felissa Hay

Felissa Hay

LEC Secretary

Phone: (408) 781-2182

E-Mail: fhay@unitedafa.org

James Braun

James Braun

Council Representative

Phone: N/A

E-Mail: jbraun@unitedafa.org

Sheila Schultz

Sheila Schultz

Council Representative

Phone: N/A

E-Mail: sschultz@unitedafa.org

Trish Williams-Murrell

Trish Williams-Murrell

Council Representative

Phone: N/A

E-Mail: twilliams@unitedafa.org

Domini Wisely

Domini Wisely

Council Representative

Phone: N/A

E-Mail: dwisely@unitedafa.org

12 days left for a clean PSP extention! EDD call on Oct 2 (Sep 18, 2020)

12 Days to #ExtendPSP and Save Our Jobs

September 18, 2020 — Congress has 12 days to save our jobs! Inaction is not an option and there is growing support for a full relief bill. Everyone “supports us.” True support for the American worker comes in the form of a relief bill. We need every Flight Attendant, regardless of status, to commit to Take Action every day until October 1st.

AFA to McConnell: 15 Day Deadline. Pass COVID Relief NOW.

“Congress has 15 days to act. Without a COVID relief bill that includes an extension of the Payroll Support Program (PSP), tens of thousands of aviation workers will lose their jobs on October 1, and that’s only the beginning.

“Majority Leader McConnell: The PSP enjoys overwhelming bipartisan, bicameral support. Inaction is not an option. You’ve got a simple way to prevent significant pain, but you’ve got to act now before our jobs are lost and small communities are cut off, causing more harm and more job loss.

"If Congress leaves without passing relief, tens of thousands of workers across key states will know who is responsible. We are grateful for those who have stepped up, but let me be clear: Without relief, you will not receive credit. We do not award participation trophies." 

Read the full statement >


Call Congress

Make three calls every day. One to your Representative and two to your Senators.

SENATE: 888-848-4824
HOUSE: 888-907-9365

"Hello, I am a constituent calling to tell my (Senator/Representative) that aviation workers need a relief package before October 1 to stop mass job loss and cuts to small airports that also hurt veterans and other Americans who count on air service to get their medicines in the mail. Both parties and the White House are on record with overwhelming support for an extension to the Payroll Support Program for essential workers and to keep service in place to small communities. But words of support won’t keep us flying or help us pay our bills. We need a COVID-19 relief package with our payroll support passed TODAY. In [12] days we’re out of work and millions are hurting without this relief! Keep us connected to our jobs, paychecks, & healthcare. We are counting on you. Thank you.”

Tweet Your Representative and Senators (add pictures of you in uniform to each!):

We've made it easy to Tweet at your lawmakers. Click here to get started. Or, you can copy and paste the following Tweets into your Twitter. 

  • Flight Attendants and aviation workers are facing massive layoffs on Oct. 1 if Congress does not act. [tag your Senators/Representative], pass #ReliefNow to save my job & healthcare! #ExtendPSP
  • I’m one of thousands of furloughed Flight Attendants who needs [tag your Senators/Representative] to act to extend the Payroll Support Program before Oct. 1. We need #ReliefNow! #ExtendPSP
  • Tell your personal story using the hashtags #ReliefNow and #ExtendPSP



Additional Council Information

The information below is maintained and updated by your Local Council.

Benefits Committee:
Retirement/ Insurance/ Workers Comp.

 Chris Hertneky 

Sheila Schultz -(sschultz@unitedafa.org)

CWA Liason

Stan Kiino (skiino@unitedafa.org)

Employee Assistance /
Professional Standards Committee

24 hour hotline 800-424-2406

Catherine Burke (cbburke118@aol.com)

 Mark Bennett

Joan McQuistan

Lindsey Tucker

Grievance Committee

 Kaitlin White (kwhite@unitedafa.org)

Kristie Rivera (krivera@unitedafa.org)

Trish Williams (twilliams@unitedafa.org)

Rick Gonzalez (rgonzalez@unitedafa.org)

Kimberly Johnson (kajohnson@unitedafa.org)

Government Affairs/Political Action Committee

Claudia Fletcher

Hotel Committee

Felissa Hay (fhay@unitedafa.org)

Membership Committee

Jon Liu

Wendell Soohoo

Reserve Committee

Kaitlin White (kwhite@unitedafa.org)

Safety, Health & Security Committee

Kate French

 Sheila Schultz

Scheduling Committee

James Braun (jbraun@unitedafa.org)

Melissa Chong

Brian Fleming

Jerome Lerandi

Mimi Muller

Membership Engagement Committee

Lindsey Tucker

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