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Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at DCA. Local CWA #22021

Changes to Parking at Washington Geographic Location (Sep 22, 2019)

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Todd Failla

Todd Failla

LEC President
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Patrick Hodges

LEC Vice President
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Chelle Tennyson

LEC Secretary
Lois Breece

Lois Breece

Council Representative
Michelle Masterson

Michelle Masterson

Council Representative
Thom Vargas

Thom Vargas

Council Representative

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Changes to Parking at Washington Geographic Location (Sep 22, 2019)


Ladies and Gentlemen of Council 21,

The article below describes the Contractual provision, where by the company may change how parking arrangements are handled.

However, In Council 21, we continue to advocate that co-terminal parking reverts back to the previous way of issuing hang tags. In addition, we seek clarification on how those Flight Attendants, that do not choose an IAD tag, will be reimbursed for parking when they are required to complete administrative work (CQ paperwork, or a meeting with management).

We are also receiving reports that the pickup times are not being adhered to. AFA has addressed the issue with Management and we have been assured that this has been corrected.

Please continue to let us know about any further issues that you may encounter.

Council 21 will sponsor a Local Candidates Forum on Wednesday, October 16th, 2019 in MWAA Meeting Room A. Please see the notice below.

Again this week, we will remind you that there has been an increase in C21Members being contacted to have a meeting with a supervisor. We again stress the importance of exercising your contractual right to AFA Representation, should a supervisor call or contact you regarding an investigation that could lead to discipline.

There are several changes in Local Management in IAD, including new supervisors, who may not be completely familiar with your contactual rights. Section 23.A of the agreement protects you in this situation. Please call or contact us first before speaking or writing anything to anyone. We are available, don't go it alone.

There still seems to be some confusion on how to contact Council 21. Please be aware that we do not conduct union business via Facebook or United.com emails. We are available to you 24/7 by either stopping in the IAD Office, calling 703 260 0051 during regular business hours or by using the prompts after hours. Here is the prompt order. Call 703 260 0051, then

1 –  Non-immediate issues; calls will be returned next business day.

2 –  Reserve ONLY Issues (Immediate need)

3 – Urgent and Immediate Matters.


Please aware that there is only One (1) number, that number is 703 260 0051. 

Contact your Reserve Committee by Text or Email:

In addition to being on call 24 hours a day for urgent and immediate Reserve issues, the Local Reserve Committee is now available by text message or email for non-urgent matters.  You can text message/email the Reserve Committee with any non-urgent concerns or questions.  The Reserve Committee will make every attempt to respond to your inquiry within 48 hours.

Council 21 Reserve Committee by Text Message - 571.420.1721

Council 21 Reserve Committee by Email - dcareserve@unitedafa.org

To email Council 21, please use afadca@unitedafa.org.

Note! We do not use or respond to united.com emails for union business.

Thank you for being informed and engaged Members. Please remember to fly safe, challenge rumors and to respect each other.

In Solidarity and with Respect,

Todd Failla

Local Executive Council President

AFA-CWA, IAD Council 21





Changes to Parking at Washington Geographic Location:

Section 3.T. of our Contract details the circumstances under which the company is required to provide Flight Attendants parking and further provides for reimbursement in those situations where parking may be unavailable.

For many years at the Washington geographic location, the company provided parking to Flight Attendants at more than one of the co-terminal locations often times by issuing ‘hang tags’ that provided Flight Attendants access to parking at the various D.C. area airports – DCA, IAD & BWI.   More recently, management has announced a plan to change these historic parking arrangements in an effort to better manage overall parking expenses for the corporation.

We’ve received a number of questions from Flight Attendants who seek to understand if the company is only required to provide Flight Attendants with a single parking tag for one airport location on an annual basis. 

Section 3.T.1. provides not only guidance in answering this question, it also provides Flight Attendants with protections from having to pay for their own parking at airports serving her/his domicile when parking is not provided by the company. The language in this Section of our Contract contemplates circumstances where parking may become unavailable for any number of reasons.  When it does become unavailable, the company is required to reimburse Flight Attendants for parking expenses incurred at public facilities.  These charges must be submitted via the Concur™ system within ten (10) days and must be supported by a receipt.  In establishing the reimbursement guidelines, management has established maximum daily reimbursement amounts, per day,by location and has made recommendations of locations where parking is possible at the rates established.  While you are not required to park at these locations, it is important to understand that management may, by policy, establish the reimbursement process and limits that will be used. 

The 2019 – 2020 Annual hang tag distribution process at Washington will start shortly.  Hang tags, by location, will be allocated on the following schedule.  DCA & IAD distribution information is as follows:

IAD Dulles

16-27 September 2019 – Monday through Friday – 09:00-1900

DCA Reagan

Wed 9/18


Thurs 9/19


Fri 9/20


Sat 9/21


Sun 9/22


Tues 9/24


Wed 9/25


Thurs 9/26


Fri 9/27


Sun 9/29


Mon 9/30




Irregular Operations from Extreme Weather

When extreme weather disrupts the operation as it did these past few days in Houston, the negotiated provisions of our Contract which are intended to offer a level of protection during these irregularities become critical. Securing hotel rooms & transportation while away from home becomes critical as do the provisions of our Commuter Program for Flight Attendants who travel to work by automobile, bus, train, public surface transportation as well as for those who commute by air.

Need a Hotel or Taxi?                Irregularities Impacting Call Wait Times- Self Help

Trying to get to your base?        Commuter Program Clarification

White Flag Pay?                        Clarifying White Flag Pay


Vacation Election Options – Vacation Buy Back, FLEX and Deferral to 401(k):
MEC Central Schedule Committee

The Vacation Election period opens by 0800 Home Domicile Time (HDT) on September 25, 2019 and closes at 0800 HDT on October 15, 2019 in order to provide the full twenty (20) day period to make elections required under the Contract. 

Once you know the number of days that you have accrued, if you choose to participate in the optional Vacation Election process, select the “Proceed to Vacation Election” button located in the bottom right corner of the accrual letter page. You may also choose not to make any selections in the Vacation Election process and skip this step. 

The vacation election screen will appear and you will be able to make the following selections: 

1. Buy Back Vacation Days. Partially accrued vacation days are not eligible. 

2. Defer vacation days to your 401(k) or UK Stakeholder Plan 

3. Elect Flex Vacation Days (paid or unpaid) 

Vacation Buy Back – Two Possible Programs 

Vacation days are “sold” back at a rate of three hours and fifteen minutes (3:15) of pay per day plus an incentive payment, which shall be determined and announced prior to the annual vacation bid. 

1. Annual Vacation Buy Back: The Company offers a vacation buy back option, which allows a Flight Attendant to take pay in lieu of accrued vacation. Flight Attendants must opt to “sell” at least six (6) full days of accrued vacation and partial days are not eligible. Those participating in the Buy Back program may not participate in the Flex program. 

Vacation days are “sold” back at a rate of three hours and fifteen minutes (3:15) of pay per day plus an incentive payment, which shall be determined and announced prior to the annual vacation bid. 

NOTE:  The rate of pay applied for Vacation buy back is based on your individual rate of pay as of 12/31/19. International Purser and Purser pay overrides are not included in your hourly rate of pay and are not applicable to Vacation Buy Back payments.

2. Monthly Vacation Buy Back: In addition, the Company may offer vacation buy back on a month-to-month or base-by-base basis. The Company will determine whether to offer an incentive payment for month-to-month or base-by-base vacation buy back. Vacation buy back will be awarded in base seniority order. 

Deferred 401(k) Contribution

Flight Attendants may elect to contribute a minimum of seven (7) days and a maximum of fourteen (14) days of paid vacation accrued for use in 2020 into their 401(k) savings plan account or UK Stakeholder Group Plan. 

Flex Vacation Program

Flight Attendants may elect to take an additional seven days of Flex vacation. Flight Attendants taking Flex vacation will either take the additional seven days as unpaid vacation or elect to have one hour and fifty-four minutes (1:54) pay deducted from their earnings each month to pay for the Flex vacation week. 

Unlike previous years, Flight Attendants who opt for Flex vacation will their Flex vacation days included as their last vacation period of the year. 

Once you have finished making your choices, select “Submit”. A confirmation page will display showing your 2020 elections. It is recommended that you keep a copy for your records. 

At any time while the vacation election period is open you can return to the vacation election page and change/update your selections. Once the election period is closed, changes can no longer be submitted.

Minimum Duty and Time Away (Trip) Rigs - Understanding how they interact:

Sections 6.A.1. – 3. and Section 6.B.

Section 6.B. - Trip RIG or Time Away from Home
Understanding that Ratio-in-Guarantee (RIGs) offer protections for additional pay and credit beyond the sum of the flight time within a scheduled pairing, when applicable, is an important component of understanding how we are paid. Further, our Contract provides for two different RIGs both of which provide for minimum pay protections.  Minimum duty RIGS provide for minimum flight time pay and credit for each two hours of duty time, for one duty period pairings and average pay and credit per day for each day of a multi-day duty period pairing.

Our Time Away from Home RIG ensures that Flight Attendants receive one-hour flight time pay and credit for each 3 ½ hours elapsed time, prorate 

Section 6.A.1-3.- Minimum Duty RIGs 

Detailed informationcan be found on our website, unitedafa.org and includes the affect partial pairing pick-ups have on rigs and in Section 6.A and 6.B of our JCBA. If you have additional questions, you are encouraged to contact your Local Council.


Mark your Calendar - 2020 Annual Benefits Open Enrollment - October 7 - 25, 2019:

 MEC Benefits Committee

It’s that time of the year again when annual benefits open enrollment will take place during the period from October 7 – 25, 2019.

The following chart details key dates about the Annual Enrollment process:



“What’s New for 2020” Guide


September 30

Explore and compare plan options and costs


October 7-25

Active Employees

Make insurance elections for 2020

In addition, as we head into early Fall and the flu season, consider taking advantage of opportunities for free Flu Shots & the Benefits Fair Schedule.

Additional information can be found in E-lines article, 2020 Annual Benefits Open Enrollment, available on our website, unitedafa.org.


Reminder - 2020 CQ Due Month Change Bidding Closes September 27:
MEC Safety, Health & Security 

As a reminder, Flight Attendants who currently have a CQ due (must go) month of June, July or August received an e-mail from management detailing the process to be used for preference bidding of new CQ due (must go) months. Awards will be processed in base seniority order.

The available months for preference bidding of due (must go) months are the first six (6) month of the 2020 annual CQ cycle: December 2019 and January - May 2020. CQ 2020 training will be two days in length with regulatory training on Day 1 and customer service training on Day 2.

The due month preference bidding schedule is as follows:

Due Month Preference Bidding Opens:

September 13, 2019

Due Month Preference Bidding Closes:

September 27, 2019

Preference Award Results Posted:

No later than October 16, 2019 @ 12 Noon

Individual Awards Pushed to CCS:

October 16, 2019


*Note: The CQ 2020 CBT format will be changing from the current single annual set of CBT courses to a trimester format of a set of three (3) CBTs that will be distributed across the 2020 training year.

Additional information can be found in the August 28, 2019 Edition of Inflight Services Weekly.


October 2019 Local Council Meeting Notice #2:

Date: Friday, October 18, 2019
Time: 1245-1645
Location: IAD Meeting Rooms Across from Baggage Claim #1, Main Terminal

October MEC Meeting Preview & Agenda Item Review (If any).

Old Business

New Business

Open Discussion/Member Forum

Special Guest:AFA-CWA ,International Secretary/Treasurer, Kevin Creighan will attend to answer any Budget and Constitutional questions.

(Agenda Subject to Change)

ALL Members in Good Standing Are Encouraged To Attend!

Light Refreshments will be served.




Council 21 Local Candidates Forum Notice #1:


We are pleased to host a Special Local Council Meeting for our members on Wednesday, October 16, 2019 , from 1245 to 1645, in the IAD MWAA Meeting Rooms. This will be an opportunity for the members to meet all candidates running for Local Executive Council positions (President, Vice President, Secretary and Council Reps.


All Fourteen (14) Candidates have been invited to participate in this event. This meeting will provide ample and equal time for each candidate.


On behalf of Council 21, we would like to cordially invite you attend this candidate forum. 


Date:  Wednesday, October 16, 2019
Time:  12:45 - 1645
Location:  IAD Meeting Rooms Across from Baggage Claim #1, Main Terminal

Meet and Greet Local C21 Candidates running for Local Executive Council Positions 

President, Vice President, Secretary & Council Reps

Q & A session 

Please also note that the moderator will be International Secretary-Treasurer Kevin Creighan, who will assist with this process. A full agenda will be forthcoming shortly.


ALL Members in Good Standing Are Encouraged To Attend!  



Additional Council Information

The information below is maintained and updated by your Local Council.

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