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Council 21 - Washington DC

About Council 21

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at DCA. Local CWA #22021

C21 July Local Council Meeting Notice #7 (Jul 14, 2019)

Council 21 - DCA Meeting Information

Meeting Date: 07/18/2019
Time: 12:45 - 3:45
Location: IAD Meeting Rooms Across from Baggage Claim #1, Main Terminal

August MEC Meeting Preview & Agenda Item Review (If any).

Old Business

New Business

Open Discussion/Member Forum

(Agenda Subject to Change)

ALL Members in Good Standing Are Encouraged To Attend!

Light Refreshments will be served.

Council Office

Todd Failla

Todd Failla

LEC President
Patrick Hodges

Patrick Hodges

LEC Vice President
Chelle Tennyson

Chelle Tennyson

LEC Secretary
Lois Breece

Lois Breece

Council Representative
Michelle Masterson

Michelle Masterson

Council Representative
Thom Vargas

Thom Vargas

Council Representative

Meeting Minutes





C21 July Local Council Meeting Notice #7 (Jul 14, 2019)


Ladies and Gentlemen of Council 21,

Next week, we will see the last class of New Hires for IAD until October Please welcome these and all of our new Flying Partners to the line, they are anxious and excited to fly with you.

This week we again stress the importance of exercising your contractual right to AFA Representation, should a supervisor call or contact you regarding  an investigation that could lead to discipline. There are several changes in Local Management in IAD, including new supervisors, who may not be completely familiar with your contactual rights. Section 23.A of the agreement protects you in this situation. Please call or contact us first  before speaking or writing anything to anyone. We are available, don't go it alone..

There still seems to be some confusion on how to contact Council 21. Please be aware that we do not conduct union business via Facebook or United.com emails. We are available to you 24/7 by either stopping in the IAD Office, calling 703 260 0051 during regular business hours or by using the prompts after hours. Here is the prompt order. Call 703 260 0051, then

1 –  Non-immediate issues; calls will be returned next business day.

2 –  Reserve ONLY Issues (Immediate need)

3 – Urgent and Immediate Matters.

Contact your Reserve Committee by Text or Email:

In addition to being on call 24 hours a day for urgent and immediate Reserve issues, the Local Reserve Committee is now available by text message or email for non-urgent matters.  You can text message/email the Reserve Committee with any non-urgent concerns or questions.  The Reserve Committee will make every attempt to respond to your inquiry within 48 hours.

Council 21 Reserve Committee by Text Message - 571.420.1721

Council 21 Reserve Committee by Email - dcareserve@unitedafa.org

To email Council 21, please use afadca@unitedafa.org.

Note! We do not use or respond to united.com emails for union business.

Thank you for being informed and engaged Members. Please remember to fly safe, challenge rumors and to respect each other.

In Solidarity and with Respect,

Todd Failla

Local Executive Council President

AFA-CWA, IAD Council 21





July 2019 Local Council Meeting Notice #7:

Date: Thursday, July 18, 2019
Time: 1245-1545
Location: IAD Meeting Rooms Across from Baggage Claim #1, Main Terminal

August MEC Meeting Preview & Agenda Item Review (If any).

Old Business

New Business

Open Discussion/Member Forum

(Agenda Subject to Change)

ALL Members in Good Standing Are Encouraged To Attend!

Light Refreshments will be served.

Sign up to attend the July 2019 Local Council Meeting
via our online streaming platform

You can register now to help expedite the verification process by submitting your name, personal email address and file number using this sign up form: http://bit.ly/afac21-0719rsvp 

This is the link to the online meeting room, which includes the dial-in instructions: http://bit.ly/afac21-0719 

You can dial in directly to this number: +1 (510) 338-9438.
Use this Access Code: 624 167 473.

The link above will allow access to the meeting from your computer.

If you have questions or concerns about the streaming option of our Local Council Meeting, we ask that you send them to c21engagement@unitedafa.org
You can also text us for issues accessing the meeting the day of the meeting at (202) 891-9111. 




Technology Error Impacts Eligibility Determination for Family Medical Leave (FML):

During the period beginning May 31, 2017 through 
February 13, 2019, an information technology error related to the calculation of hours worked in determining eligibility for Family Medical Leave (FML) was identified.  This error was brought to the attention of the company by AFA after the Union conducted an audit of the hours worked for a number of Flight Attendants who should have been eligible for FML.

Following a series of meetings with the company where a number of individual case discrepancies were reviewed, United management directed a comprehensive review of those cases where individuals were advised they were not eligible for FML as well as of those cases where individuals were separated from the company as a result of exceeding the thirty (30) attendance point maximum set forth in Section 23.G. of our JCBA.

In discussions with AFA, it was determined that the comprehensive review would be broken down into three categories as follows:

  • A manual calculation of the eligibility for FML and review of absences for those individuals who were separated because their attendance point totals exceeded thirty (30) points.
  • A manual calculation of the eligibility for FML and review of absences for those individuals who were still working and who had been assessed attendance points after having been determined to be ineligible for Family Medical Leave.
  • A review of the absences for those individuals who were advised either by Help Hub (& its associated displays) or the Employee Service Center they were ineligible for FML for not having met the hours worked requirement.

In category 1, as of July 12, 2019, a manual review of the affected Flight Attendants has been completed. There were a limited number of circumstances where Flight Attendants who had been separated improperly as a result of an incorrect FML eligibility calculation have been contacted, extended an offer of re-employment and have either returned to the line or are in the process of returning to flying.

In category 2, manual calculations were completed in conjunction with a work history review.  These individuals have been contacted by their respective supervisors and those absences that would have qualified for FML have been reclassified and attendance point balances have been adjusted to accurately reflect the points that should have been accumulated.  Each has received a communication from their respective supervisor seeking their concurrence with the changes that were made to their respective attendance point balances as well as any corresponding Attendance Track progressive discipline step(s).

In category 3, perhaps the most difficult of group to identify, the review is ongoing and requires the active involvement of the affected employee.  Review the following information carefully and act accordingly.

If between May 31, 2017 and February 13, 2019, you either

1.    Requested FML and the request was denied, or

2.    Did not request FML because Help Hub (& its associated displays) or the Employee Service Center (ESC) advised you that you were not eligible because you did not meet the hours worked requirement, you will be required to complete the following steps no later than July 31, 2019 if you would like your absences during that period reviewed to determine if they were FML qualifying absences.

You must follow these three steps:

1.    Contact the Employee Service Center (ESC) at 877 825 3729 and provide the dates of absence for which you sought or intended to seek FML but were advised you were not eligible.  Absences must have occurred between May 31, 2017 & February 13, 2019.

2.    Advise the ESC of the date you originally were denied FML or advised you were not eligible for FML by either Help Hub or ESC.  This information will be used to verify company records.

3.    Submit a fully completed FML certification form, completing the appropriate portions, signed and dated by your health care provider, which covers the period of absence between May 31, 2017 and February 13, 2019.

Once completed, the ESC will review your absences and will decide if these should have been designated as FML qualifying leave.

While it has taken a period of time to resolve the impact of this technology error on Flight Attendants, the collaboration of the company and AFA in response to a problem identified by the Union demonstrates what is possible when we work together.  

It is the understanding of the Union that IT work in ongoing to fully correct the technology error and the Union will be involved at the appropriate time to test the technology corrections made for accuracy.  The final resolution to this issue is now in the hands of those who must act consistent with the directions listed above. 

If you have additional questions, please contact the C21 office @ 703 260 0051.




Assignment of Pre-0500 Check-ins to Reserves:

MEC Reserve Committee

JCBA Section 8.H.5. provides open positions with check-in times between 0001 and 0459, inclusive, will be assigned to Ready Reserves in compliance with the Notice of Assignment provisions of Section 8.K.1: “A Reserve shall be given fifteen (15) hours’ notice at the domicile point before departure time except when the need for a Reserve cannot be determined at least fifteen (15) hours in advance of the flight, a lesser notice may be given.”

In order to comply with these Contractual provisions, check-ins prior to 0500 the following day, whether a standby assignment or specific pairing, should be assigned prior to the Reserve Preferencing process occurring for that day to a Flight Attendant who is on Ready Reserve for the current day and has availability for the duration of the assignment. Once assigned, the Flight Attendant should then be released for the remainder of the current day. If the Flight Attendant assigned to such a check-in cannot be contacted at the time the assignment is made due to legal rest, the assignment will be placed in the Flight Attendant’s line and she/he will be contacted at the conclusion of the legal rest period. 

NOTE: Scheduling may attempt to contact a Reserve during the last hour of a legal rest period, however, the Reserve is not required to be telephone available until the full legal rest period has concluded.


In the event a Reserve is contacted prior to the last hour of a legal rest period, the settlement of MEC 3-19 provides the crew scheduler will restart the rest as soon as she/he discovers the error.  If this does not occur, the individual Flight Attendant whose legal rest has been interrupted must bring the violation to the Company’s attention within the same rest period in which the improper contact was made.




Unexpected Aircraft Changes – How to Fill Open Positions:  

MEC Communications Committee  

Unexpected aircraft changes present questions as to how Flight Attendants are to determine their proper work positions.  Our JCBA provides the language for these instances in Section 7.Q.7: 

In the event of an equipment change where the new equipment does not require the original number of Flight Attendants scheduled, scheduling will first reassign Reserves, if any.  If the trip still does not require the remaining number of Flight Attendants, the senior bid Lineholder(s) may fly or opt off the pairing. 

However, Language Qualified (LQ) Flight Attendants and the International Purser; Flight Attendants with special qualifications may be required to take and/or complete the pairing where their special qualification(s) are still required. If the pairing does not require the original number of LQ Flight Attendants, the senior LQ Flight Attendant may opt off the trip. 

If the Reserve is not reassigned and travels on the same flight, she/he will be included in the senior option as provided in Section 7.O. of our JCBA. 

The surplus Flight Attendant(s), who have either been removed or who opt off the pairing shall, at her/his option, be pay protected in accordance with the provisions of Section 7.Q.7. of our JCBA.

Additionally, unassigned positions are identified and filed at the beginning of the flight, after Flight Attendant boarding time and before pre-flight duties begin. This will primarily occur during briefing with any unassigned positions filled in seniority order among the Members of the working crew.

If there are multiple base pairings assigned to a flight, the base pairing that was originally assigned to the flight will work their positions and the remaining positions are filled by seniority.

Out of Base (OOB) Trades of Open Time and Advertised Pick-ups:
JCBA Section 7.J.

While Flight Attendants have unlimited trip trades with and pick ups from, open time in their Base as well as unlimited trip trades with other Flight Attendants in their Base subject to the provisions of Section 7.I. of the JCBA.  

Whereas the Out of Base Trade provisions of our JCBA are specific to open time and advertised pick-ups, not trip trading. Therefore, mutual trades between Flight Attendants located in different bases are NOT provided for under the provisions of Section 7.J. of our JCBA.

OOB trades provide that Flight Attendants may pick up open time in any base subject to the following restrictions:

  • Less than fourteen (14) hours prior to departure Flight Attendants may pick-up open time in any base, regardless of special qualifications for the pairing. 
  • Less than fourteen hours (14:00) prior to departure, Flight Attendants may pick up advertised trips in any base provided that the Flight Attendant has the designated special qualification for the advertised trip, if any.

Also, pick up of an open time designated with a special qualification by a Flight Attendant not having the designated qualification may be denied if scheduling anticipates that a Reserve with the special qualification will be used to cover the pairing. 


Additional Council Information

The information below is maintained and updated by your Local Council.

Council roster not available at this time.

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