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About Council 26

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at HKG. Local CWA #29026

Negotiations Support (Nov 06, 2019)

Council Office

  •  011-852-2377-3162
  •  011-852-2109-1217
  •  CWA Local #29026
  • AFA Council 26
    Level 20, Infinitus Plaza
    199 Des Voeux Road Central
    Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
    (map and directions)

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Kimberly Johnson

Kimberly Johnson

LEC President
Ruby Arcalas

Ruby Arcalas

LEC Vice President
Craig Wiles

Craig Wiles

LEC Secretary
Mary Knight

Mary Knight

Council Representative
Tak Sy

Take Sy

Council Representative

Negotiations Support (Nov 06, 2019)

Negotiations  Support: Info Reps Needed


Many of you filled out your AFA survey and shared an interest to be more involved in your local council through volunteer work. As we prepare for contract negotiations we need Info reps  to act as a communication link between flight attendants and the negotiating committee spreading the FACTS about negotiations and combating rumors. If you would like to volunteer please contact one of your local officers!  January 2020 starts our listening tours  system wide and the negotiating team will be in Hong Kong on January 29th, 2020 from 12pm-3pm. Please save the date! Further information will be coming soon.



Hotel and Transportation Reports

It’s imperative that we keep submitting Hotel and Transportation reports so that we can provide the company documentation. Please don’t not “Voice” Hotel and transport issues but use the report format found on the United AFA website. We thank all  of you that have been diligent with submitting reports please continue!!!


Second Round Vacation Bidding Begins November 8, 2019  

Second Round Vacation bidding for 2020 begins Friday, November 8, 2019 at 0800 (HDT). Bids Close on November 16, 2019, 0800 Home Domicile Time (HDT). Awards will be posted no later than November 20, 2019. For additional information on the rules when bidding for vacation, please refer to the 2020 Vacation guide.  which can be accessed from the banner on the home page of 


The Cause Foundation® - Making Your Holiday Purchases Count!  

Candy cane scarves & ties for the holiday are available through November & December.   As we enter the holiday season be on the lookout for CAUSE representatives in your local domicile. When you purchase a Red and White Candy Cane seasonal scarf and tie you are helping to support fellow Flight Attendants in need. 

As we ramp up for holiday gift giving, consider placing your online orders through Amazon Smile. When you direct your online purchase through Amazon Smile, the CAUSE Foundation will receive donations each and every time you purchase something online. In other words, while you shop and spend money, you are helping to support the work of the CAUSE Foundation at the same time. When ordering from Amazon,

  • Visit www.smile.amazon.com (instead of Amazon.com whenever shopping Amazon)
  • Register the CAUSE Foundation as your charity (you’ll need to scroll down the list. The CAUSE Foundation is the one listed in Parker, CO)The website and prices are exactly the same. The only difference is that by using the AmazonSmile site, a portion of your purchase will go to The CAUSE Foundation.


Can I Be Re-directed from my Bid Position for the Duration of a Flight?

The International Purser/Purser is the designated onboard leader on the aircraft and she/he is responsible for coordinating the overall service on the flight and ensuring all aspects of the scheduled service(s) are completed according to established company standards. This work should be completed observing all of the provisions of the Contract under which we all work. 

·       Flight Attendants report being re-directed from a bid position by the International Purser/Purser to a different or unassigned work position for the duration of the flight and many are questioning the ability of the International Purser to unilaterally move a Flight Attendant from her/his bid position.  While the International Purser has the responsibility to ensure scheduled services are completed, she/he is obligated to respect the bid awarded work position of the Flight Attendants on the flight. 

·       In a situation where a flight is dispatched with less that the number of Flight Attendants required by the Established Staffing Guidelines (ESG), all Flight Attendants on the flight are expected to participate in the service through completion. In fact, every Flight Attendant can be asked to participate in some part of the service in another cabin on the flight.  Asking a Flight Attendant from one cabin to participate in the service delivery of a cabin in which she/he was not scheduled to work does not constitute a violation of the Agreement or her/his work position. However, what is not permissible is moving a Flight Attendant from her/his work position into another cabin for the entire flight.

·       When the need for assistance in a particular cabin is identified, the International Purser is expected to identify Flight Attendants who will assist, as needed, to ensure completion of the service. “We are not finished until everyone is finished”. While it is acceptable to solicit a volunteer who might be willing to work an alternate cabin, it is not permissible to impose that change in work position.

·       In the event you run into a situation where a misunderstanding may have occurred amongst members of the crew, we recommend that a discussion start with the assistance of our peer AFA Professional Standards representatives if you are unable to resolve the disagreement in the moment. In all cases, it’s in everyone’s best interest to avoid involving management in those discussions because, as experience has proven, those situations often don’t turn out as expected. Working together, talking to each other is the path forward in resolving any misunderstanding.  We strongly encourage everyone to benefit from the experience of our trained Union volunteer professionals who work to increase understanding and to improve our professional relationships.


Scheduling Update for December 2019


December is a 30 day  (B) month. November 30 to December 29th

December 25 is a paid public holiday for Hong Kong.

Flight 180/179 will change from the 777X to the 777Y effective December 3rd.

There will be 58 CTN lines and 29 MAN lines and 207 non language line holders.

The approximate line value is 87 hours.

Reserve lines will be built by the Central Scheduling Committee (CSC).

All Language positions will be flown by Hong Kong

*** This information is subject to change***


We would like to thank Sheela Pragasam and Mei Char for their dedication  and years of service to the Scheduling Committee !

The members of our Scheduling Team are:

Rob Lustsch -Chair

Sandy Travis

Gayle Allen

Wendy Ko

Edison Liu



Uniform points do not carry over to 2020 . With exception of Flight Attendants on Leaves of Absence as provided for in Section 25.C.5 any remaining balance of your annual uniform points balance does not carry over from year to year. Please place your orders now! Orders can be submitted up until 11:59 on December 31,2019. Cintas Customer Service is available Mo-Fri, 0700 -1800. +1800-889-0331.  

January 2020 One Month COLA’s and Job Share Availability:

Bids Close : 10:00am HDT November 20th, 2019 More information, including detailed instructions on submitting requests for COLAs and Job shares can be obtained in the "COLA, Job Share and Multiple-Month Partnership Program Overview” guide. 


Save the Date: March 17, 2020

“Cocktails for Cause”

Bring all your friends for a fun filled  evening!

More details coming soon!



In Solidarity,

Your Local Council Officers!

Additional Council Information

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