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About Council 27

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at BOS. Local CWA #21027

Welcome to March. (Mar 09, 2019)

Council 27 - BOS Meeting Information

Meeting Date: 04/04/2019
Time: 11:00 a.m.
Location: TBA

Council Office

  •  (617) 567-5560
  •  (617) 567-5618 (fax)
  •  CWA Local #21027
  • AFA-CWA Council 27
    331 Brown Hill West
    Starksboro, Vermont

Connect with Council 27

Andrew Fahy

Andrew Fahy

LEC President

Phone: (617) 671-5912

E-Mail: afahy@unitedafa.org

Jerome Sangalli

Jerome Sangalli

LEC Vice President

Phone: (954) 816-9742

E-Mail: jsangalli@unitedafa.org

Cameron Matthews

Cameron Matthews

LEC Secretary

Phone: (321) 276-0278

E-Mail: cmatthews@unitedafa.org

Craig MacInnes, Jr.

Craig MacInnes, Jr.

Council Representative

Phone: (781) 608-1799

E-Mail: cmacinnes@unitedafa.org

Todd Richard

Todd Richard

Council Representative

Welcome to March. (Mar 09, 2019)

Good Afternoon Boston,  

We welcomed new transfers on October 31, and since then the Boston base has grown from a spot in the road to a small exclusive village. The population ranges from well seasoned to just able to vote.  We no longer know the name of each spouse, child, or pet, much less where everyone lives or commutes from. We are quite lucky to have grown so much in such a short time, especially after losing so many to retirement, and of course those fleeing reserve life that went to other bases as their seniority was more suitable to a schedule that fits the lifestyle they wish to have. Thankfully, many of those that departed have now returned home to us, and are back in the fold. It feels so good to finally have accepted transfers and new hires after such a long period of stagnation.

Well, as with teenagers, growth brings growing pains, and no base is ever exempt from that. We, as a group, have different styles and personalities. Some very strong and some a bit more timid. We are all one base now, and we are all under one contract. There are many differences of course, but as a member of the Boston Base, and as flight attendants that are loved throughout the system, we need to keep that feeling going to make sure everyone feels welcome and appreciated for who they are, and however much or little experience that they have brought to us all. 

The best way to do this is of course by talking to each other, and by that I mean face to face, not on social media or in a text.  We will not always have the same idea of how to accomplish something, but agreeing to disagree is easy. When the disagreement turns to service or safety issues, we all have the same policy manual and the same FAOM to turn to to settle any questions we have.

Now that we have the ability to check in at a gate, a very high percentage of us choose to do just that. With that comes the caveat of making it harder to meet the others in your base unless you fly with them or run into them downline. We will be having a Local Council Meeting on April 4th at 11am if you are able to attend.  Not only will you be meeting some of your co-workers, but you will be deciding who will be negotiating your next contract. Yes, it is time to start that process again, and your input is vital to be sure you feel that the best candidates are in place.  We will also be voting to fill other committee positions on the MEC.  The location will be determined by the number attending, so please RSVP if your April Schedule allows you to join us.  We normally meet at the airport to make attendance more convenient for everyone. If anyone has the desire to fill any of the positions that will be open, please check out The United AFA Website and click on elections. You might be the very person that others wish to see on any given committee.  Boston has historically had a good number of people on MEC committees, as currently we have Celeste Bouchard on CSC and Kate Fullam on Hotels and Transportation. We tend to be rather casual in our meeting format, so everyone feels comfortable speaking and being heard.


Current positions open:

The Lines will be out in a few days, and here is a preview that is always subject to change

89  3 position lines

6    2 position lines

69  1 position lines

Which bring us a total of 348 lineholder positions.  The relief lines will be determined by the amount of people that the schedule planners in Chicago believe we need to have on reserve.  The line average for Boston will be rising to 85:53, and we will see that climb until we reach September.

We recently had 20 flight attendants awarded transfers into Boston for the May schedule month. Of those we had 13 accept and 7 reject the transfer.  We also have 2 very loved Boston Flight Attendants that are finally getting the transfers to Cleveland that they have waited forever for, leaving in May.  We have also had 1 retirement in the last month.   Our base population for May will be near 515, and you can check in late March on CCS for the staffing report for Boston to see where you fall in these numbers.

We have a high number of requests from people regarding ADS. If you place something in ADS please be sure to put in your name and phone number for others to contact you. This is not required of course, but it would be a benefit to anyone trying to pick up your trip.

Lastly, tomorrow we begin Daylight Savings Time.  We finally spring forward.

 Image result for daylight savings

If you have OCD like I do, every clock and watch you own, including your car, was changed yesterday .  If not, take a few minutes and do it now. It is horrible in November when we show up an hour early for check in, but it feels far worse to miss and trip and lose money. Take care to be on time tomorrow, and remember to check the clocks in your hotel if you are currently on a trip.

To everyone that transferred in, we are lucky to have you, and to every new hire, you are lucky to start your career in a base and AFA Council that cares so much for you. We hope you love it here and stay  very long time. Also, we would like to send a huge Thank You to our new hire buddies.  The wonderful things people have spoken about you might not get to your ears, but know that there were many new hires that have been singing your praise since December.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Andrew Fahy

LECP Council 27 Boston

AFA Office phone  617 567-5560

Andrew                  617 671-5912

Jerome                  954 481-9742

Cameron               321 276-0278

Craig                     781 608-1799  

Todd                      207 408-6486


Additional Council Information

The information below is maintained and updated by your Local Council.

        Our local Council meeting will take place on September 26th, at 11am.  We will meet at Stephanie's adjacent to the base. RSVP if you will be attending so we know how many to plan for. Non-Alcoholic beverages and light snacks will be provided,   


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