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Council 6 - Newark

About Council 6

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at EWR. Local CWA #21005

Info Rep Volunteer Opportunity (Nov 10, 2019)

Council Office

Shaun McNulty

Shaun McNulty

LEC President
Kim Montgomery

Kim Montgomery

LEC Vice President
Pamela Caponetti

Pamela Caponetti

LEC Secretary
Susannah Carr

Susannah Carr

Council Representative
Laverne Nelson

Laverne Nelson

Council Representative

Info Rep Volunteer Opportunity (Nov 10, 2019)



DECEMBER 2, 2019



Are you Interested in Taking an Active Role to Support Contract Negotiations?

As we prepare for Contract Negotiations, we’re looking for Flight Attendants interested in taking an active role in building our power at the Negotiating table by becoming a Negotiations Support Activist aka InfoRep. The InfoRep structure promotes two-way communication between the Membership and Negotiating Committee and builds our unity and the power we need to negotiate.

What is an InfoRep?

An InfoRep acts as a communication link between their Flying Partners and the Negotiating Committee. InfoReps will be recognized by their Flying Partners as a front-line source of reliable and factual information.


What would I be asked to do?

InfoReps will receive information before the general Membership and will accurately disseminate information, spread facts, and combat rumors. You would be responsible for gathering feedback from your Flying Partners and reporting back to ensure the Negotiating Committee receives this information. Additionally, you’ll be expected to support solidarity, engage your Flying Partners, and participate in engagement activities.


How much time would I have to dedicate?

As little or as much as you can. It’s completely up to you, and there will be plenty of tasks to go around, with various levels of commitment.


Interested? Respond to this call for InfoReps by contacting Kim Montgomery , kmontgomery@unitedafa.org and include your name, employee number, personal email address, and cell phone number. 


Additional Council Information

The information below is maintained and updated by your Local Council.

Shaun McNulty 

833-AFAEWR6 ext 710

Kim Montgomery

Vice President
833-AFAEWR6 ext 711

Pam Caponetti

833-AFAEWR6 ext 712

Help Line: 833-AFAEWR6 or 833-232-3976


Safety, Health and Security 1
Occupational/OJI Benefits 2
Grievance 3
Reserve Committee 4
Retirement and Benefits 5

Hotel and Transportation Committee 700
Line Building Committee 701
Government Affairs 702
Insurance and Retirement Benefits Committee 703
President Shaun McNulty 710
Vice President Kim Montgomery 711
Secretary Pam Caponetti 712
LaVerne Nelson 713
Susannah Carr 714
Directory by name 8

Grievance Issue? Down load the Council 6 EWR App and file a worksheet. Or go to Unitedafa.org, click on Forms, Click on Local Council Worksheet

MEC 847-292-7170

EAP/ Professional Standards
Terry Redwine 973-615-8909
Mary Tyson 908-672-3584
Barbara Vallee 631-664-6564
Concessa Ibanez-Rafuse 201-927-8117
Tracey Selby 727-457-4064
Sandra Marshall 718-930-4184
Deb Gonsales 929-294-5764
Tanisha McCullough 310-703-2896
Charlie Vadnais 954-551-1218
Jimmy Fiallos 917-873-1818
Jackie Robotham 561-353-7268
David Parish 347-869-8516

Safety, Health and Security

 Shaun Christopher Washington swashington@unitedafa.org
Flavia Conty fconty@unitedafa.org
Peggy Savitsky psavitskyewr@gmail.com

Freddy Rivera frivera@unitedafa.org
Rita Pearl rpearlewr@gmail.com
Randy Hatfield rhatfoeldewr@gmail.com 
Kim Montgomery kmontgomery@unitedafa.org
Julie Hill skygoddess51@aol.com
Navin Singh rsinghewr@gmail.com
Ray Singh rsinghewr@gmail.com
Camille Marlowe  cmarloweewr@gmail.com

Win Waterman wwatermanewr@gmail.com


Melissa Chipchak      mchipchakewr@gmail.com
Navin Singh           nsinghewr@gmail.com
Connie Gustafson stxconnie@gmail.com


Ali Shelley ashelleyewr@gmail.com
Win Waterman wwatermanewr@gmail.com
Rita Pearl  rpearlewr@gmail.com 
Lorelei Waquia atlwaqia@gmail.com

Insurance & Retirement
Ali Shelley ashelleyewr@gmail.com
Win Waterman wwatermanewr@gmail.com
Rita Pearl  rpearlewr@gmail.com  

Kim Montgomeryewr@gmail.com

Membership Engagement
Win Waterman wwatermanewr@gmail.com

Hotels & Transportation
Michael Desrosiers mdesrosiers@unitedafa.org



Shaun Christopher Washington swashington@unitedafa.org

Government Affairs

Jennifer Ritter jritter@unitedafa.org

Joint Implementation Team

Jack Kande jkande@unitedafa.org
Denny Wheeling  dwheeling@unitedafa.org
Kevin Lum klum@unitedafa.org

Negoiation Team

Jack Kande jkande@unitedafa.org
Denny Wheeling  dwheeling@unitedafa.org
Greg Davidowitch gdavaiwitch@unitedafa.org