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Guam Council 65 - Guam

About Council 65

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at GUM. Local CWA #29065

EAP Training (Oct 11, 2019)

Council Office

Rsei Isim

Rsei Isim

LEC President
Stuart Aricayos

Stuart Aricayos

LEC Vice President
LEC Secretary
Richard Delin

Richard Delin

LEC Secretary
Ray Leon Guerrero

Ray Leon Guerrero

LEC Secretary
Spike Jason Coker Marquez

Spike Jason Coker Marquez

LEC Secretary

EAP Training (Oct 11, 2019)


Hafa Adai,

We have an exciting opportunity in our Employee Assistance Program Committee for you. Training will be on November 7-8, 2019.

Have you ever thought of helping your fellow Flight Attendants?  Do you care about the Flight Attendants' well being?  Are you interested in knowing the facts and educationing your fellow crew members?  Would you like the opportunity to learn a new skill?

If you would like the opportunity, please reach out to any of LEC65 and one of your officers will reach out to you.  Below is a short description of the EAP:

Purpose and General Description: 

The EAP is a support service provided by Flight Attendants for Flight Attendants, their families and partners.  There are three distinctive services which includes:

  • Assessment, Support and Referral Services: EAP reps assist members in identifying and developing an action plan t address personal and work-related concerns.
  • Professional Standards: EAP offers a range of conflict resolution strategies, skills and support to help resolve disputes among themselves without management intervention
  • Critical Incident Response:  EAP offers a range of critical incident stress management services to promote and accelerate recovery in the aftermath of traumatic and/or critical incidents

For more informaition, contact your EAP committee members and LEC65.



Additional Council Information

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EAP & Professional Standards Representatives


Lisa Gutierrez 

Betty Marquez


Grievance & Contract Maintenance Representatives

Cynthia Iverson

Bessie Tabet

Jose C Torres


Safety & Security Committee Representatives

Rsei Isim

Reserve Committee Representatives

Kristen Santos 
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