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Council 7 - London

About Council 7

Representing United Airlines Flight Attendants based at LHR. Local CWA #21007

Council 7 e-Newsletter, May 6, 2019 (May 06, 2019)

Council Office

  •  011-44-208-935-5613 (from the US)
  •  0208-935-5613 (from the UK)
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  •  CWA Local #21007

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Anthony King

Anthony King

LEC President
Christian Bowie

Christian Bowie

LEC Vice President
Angela Fletcher

Angela Fletcher

LEC Secretary
Jenny Adam

Jenny Adam

Council Representative
Minita Mada

Minita Mada

Council Representative

Council 7 e-Newsletter, May 6, 2019 (May 06, 2019)

With the arrival of spring and the promise of warmer weather to come, here is a brief review of current and future AFA issues at Council 7 – London.

The recent BOD and MEC meetings

Every other year, AFA-CWA holds a one day Board of Directors (BOD) meeting to focus specifically on the following year's Budget. Held in Denver, we agreed to hold Union dues at the current rate, to fund our Union's Reserve fund, and also to continue providing high levels of support to AFA-CWA's Union Locals at smaller carriers - especially since these Locals are often in the preliminary stages of negotiating and implementing their first collective agreements. It was also very uplifting to note that - among all the various Locals that make up AFA-CWA - Council 7 has the highest rate of Members who are up-to-date with their Union dues. Thank you to all of you!

The main focus of the UALMEC meeting was the election for various Committee positions, including Central Scheduling, Hotel & Transportation, System Board of Adjustment, and the Negotiations Committee. The significant level of interest in the latter Committee can be seen by the fact that almost 20 Candidates came forward to fill the three available positions, and over half presented themselves at the UALMEC Meeting for interview. The candidates ultimately selected by the UALMEC were Greg Davidowitch, Jack Kande and Denny Wheeling. That said, the fact that so many Candidates were willing to serve the interests of the entire membership is truly remarkable and we hope that they will continue both their activism and engagement.

An informative joint Union – Company one-day payroll training workshop was held following the conclusion of the MEC meeting, which provided greater insight into both the process and challenges associated with the new system.  Although some issues still remain to be addressed by the Joint Implementation Team, the event provided invaluable help to Council 7 as we plan to conduct several payroll workshops locally in the coming months.

MEC Committee business

Reserve: in May, Helen Seear will be representing Council 7 at an MEC Reserve Committee training event. Council 7 would love to welcome more activists who would be willing to volunteer their time to help with the work of the Local Reserve Committee. If interested, please reach out either directly to any Members of the Reserve Committee or to any Member of the Council 7 Executive Committee.

Scheduling: end May, Jo Aerts and Anthony King will be representing Council 7 at a joint MEC Central Scheduling Committee and Company meeting to express our concerns about the nature of the flying, as well as Line and Pairing construction for LHRSW. Please feel free to write to us at Council 7 [afalhr@unitedafa.org] so that we can provide Management with the most up-to-date feedback regarding your concerns about our flying

AFA Census

With the support of the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, the AFA-CWA International office is conducting a Census to gather information about our Members demographics and needs – and may of the questions focus directly on our collective priorities for negotiations! It is vital that all AFA-CWA Members – especially those of us who are based Internationally – participate and complete the Survey.  The details are listed below.

AFA Census: Take the Census Today! (works best in the Firefox browser)

The AFA 2019 Census is a project to better understand the demographic make-up of our union, including your aspirations, needs, and preferences. We also want to know in what areas of your community you may already be engaged in making a difference for you, your family, and the place where you live. All of this will help us build power together so we can continue to advance our Flight Attendant careers.

The University of New Hampshire Survey Center (UNHSC) is conducting this very important data gathering effort. You should have received an email last week and possibly a phone call to encourage you to complete the Census. Once you complete the Census, you will not be contacted by UNHSC further. Our contract with UNHSC ensures your information remains confidential within AFA. It does not allow UNHSC to share any of your information with outside organizations. A summary of the final results will be shared with AFA members.

The questions on the census should take you no more than 15 minutes to complete. Please look for an email from "Sara Nelson via UNH" with the subject line "AFA Census – Response Requested." If you haven't received an email or a phone call, you can take the AFA Census here https://unh.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9TguTDVCSOZJEmF (works best in the Firefox browser).

Hotel & Transportation

Council 7 greatly appreciates all the feedback that you continue to provide using the dedicated form [link to: https://unitedafa.org/reports/hotel/ ] via United AFA MEC website, as these details have been invaluable in identifying problems and resolving issues. For example, changes are underway to the downtown layover hotel in Washington DC. Always check your Pairing for the most current Hotel information.

Petition: Our Rest is Law, Implement Now!   

AFA’s FightFor10 mobilised thousands of Flight Attendants, and – as a direct result of our focused advocacy – we successfully persuaded the US Legislature to mandate 10 hours minimum rest as an integral part of the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018, when this legislation was signed into law on October 5, 2018. Since then, AFA has learned through multiple conversations with industry insiders and regulators that Delta Air Lines has been pressuring the Department of Transportation and the FAA to slow down implementation. Currently, all the airlines are stating that they will wait for instruction from FAA before complying with the law.

Sign this petition to demand DOT and FAA to immediately implement the law, and to encourage members of Congress to hold them accountable http://fightfor10.org/sign-petition/

This is about our safety, health, equality, and following the law!

Fly Safe!

Anthony and the Officers and Activists of Council 7 - London 

Additional Council Information

The information below is maintained and updated by your Local Council.

AFA Council 7 – Contact Info

c/o 32 Wingford Rd, 
London, England
 0208 935 5613 

Email: AFALHR@unitedafa.org





Anthony King

+44 7891 182 947


Vice President

Christian Bowie

+44 7837 581 188



Angie Fletcher

+44 7891 183 129


Council Representative

Minita Mada

+44 7891 183 376


Council Representative

Jenny Adam

+44 0208 935 5613


COMMITTEES * = Chairperson

EAP/Professional Standards

*Sandra Rowland +44 7545 489750

Ron Garza

+44 208 876 8348

+44 7809 885 287

Chuck Einloth

+44 20 7207 1833

+44 7748 152 219

Sheina Robertson

+34 93 268 3516.

Safety, Health & Security

* Christian Bowie

As Above


Jennifer Rivera


Communication & Education

* Anthony King 

 As Above



*Angie Fletcher

+44 789 113 3129


Joe Baber

+44 741587 9018



*Kurt Rutan

+44 7503 774018 kurtwrutan@aol.com

Benito Calvar-Fernandez

+44 7810 302561 b.calvar@yahoo.co.uk

Jennifer Rivera

+44 7532 755840 jrivera@unitedafa.org

Helen Seear

+44 7946 382262



* Marti Reeves

+ 44 20 8276 6723

Jo Aerts


Nicky Sabharwal  afanicky@hotmail.com

Hotels and Transportation

Luis Pattarelli +44 750654 1979 luisop@yahoo.com


Insurance, Retirement and Occupational Benefits

Mags Healy

+44 7792000 663 (mobile)

Chuck Einloth

As above


Government Affairs

Monique Pfenninger 

+41 44 715 47 61

Colleen Schleifenbaum +49 17 338 84 800 colleensche@gmail.com

Lesbian, Gay , Bi & Transsexual Issues

* Chuck Einloth

As Above


Membership & Dues

* Angie Fletcher

As Above


Uniform Committee

David Sharp


Lulu Riedstra


CAUSE Foundation (www.thecausefondation.org)



Membership Engagement

*Christian Bowie 

 As Above


Power of the Pin- Your AFA Pin

Wear your AFA pin every time you fly. This is the most powerful way you can demonstrate your commitment to your flying partners and to management that we are dedicated to achieving an Industry-leading, on time Agreement.

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