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“What is my work position?”

Date: October 15, 2019

Understanding how to read a pairing and to understand the corresponding work-position eliminates uncertainty and ensures we are prepared for our specific safety and service responsibilities in advance of our arrival at the aircraft.

To keep it as simple as possible, we recommend you get into the habit of either printing or taking a screenshot of the Bid/Work Position Matrices found in each month’s Primary Cover Letter for each base. A review of the corresponding Staffing Sheets for each flight is of equal importance.

Staffing Sheets are found in the Link as well as on Flying Together, and the Primary Cover Letter for each base/ bid month is found with the Bid Packets in CCS under the Bidding Tab.

Having immediate access and understanding of both tools mentioned will ensure everyone has a clear understanding of who is working which position on a given flight.

Flight Attendants are encouraged to review the following previous articles/ resources pertaining to pairing types and associated work-positions:

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