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Flight Attendant Checked Baggage Information

Date: November 15, 2019

As we approach the traditionally busy holiday flying seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas, holiday reductions in the flight schedule result in some international pairings of unusual length. As a reminder and to assist you in managing baggage in the cabin during the holiday travel season, we remind you that Section 3.B. of our Contract provides for Flight Attendant Checked Baggage on international trips of four (4) days or longer.

Flight Attendants shall be permitted to check two bags on International trips of four days or longer. Where available, priority handling will be given to crew baggage. The company shall be liable for lost check crew baggage, upon proof of loss, in accordance with passenger lost luggage and liability, exclusive of uniforms, for any one occurrence. In the event of a delay in receiving a Flight Attendant’s luggage, the Flight Attendant will be promptly provided an amenities kit where available. The Flight Attendant will also be reimbursed for reasonable and actual expenses incurred due to such delay.

Contact your Local Council for additional information.

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