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International SOS Medical Assistance

Date: November 15, 2019

MEC Safety Health and Security Committee

United Airlines contracts with International SOS to provide security and medical assistance to its employees and crews in both emergency and non-emergency situations. In the event of an illness or injury overseas, ISOS will arrange medical appointments with local third-party medical providers, and will, as an agent for United airlines, guarantee and pay all costs associated with a working crew member’s in-patient or out-patient care. These services may also be available to other employees, retirees and travel eligibles traveling overseas. However, the coverage levels will vary.   

In the advent of recent instances of political unrest in various cities in the world served by United Airlines, we recommend that you are prepared for the unexpected and carry their ISOS card, along with United’s unique corporate ID number, when traveling internationally. The card is a valuable resource as it lists the international contact phone numbers. If you have misplaced your ISOS card or have never had one, you can download and print a new card by accessing the Inflight Health & Safety page on Flying Together.


Print a new International SOS card

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