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Round 2 Vacation Bidding is Now Open

Date: November 8, 2019

MEC Central Schedule Committee

Secondary (Round Two) Vacation bidding is now open. Flight Attendants will have until November 16, 0800 home domicile time (HDT) to submit their second-round vacation bids. All remaining days must be bid during the second round or they will be assigned.  Awards will be posted no later than November 20, 2019. 0800 (HDT).

For additional information on the rules when bidding for vacation, please refer to the 2020 Vacation guide.

Round Two Vacation Bid Opens

November 8, 2019 0800 (HDT)

Bids Close

November 16, 2019, 0800 (HDT)

Awards Posted

No Later than November 20th, 2019

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