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Trip Duplication

Date: August 7, 2019

Section 6.H.

When the code DUPE RX appears in the Master Schedule of a Flight Attendant, this code indicates there was a company error and two or more Flight Attendants were assigned to the same pairing in the same position. When this occurs, the pairing is awarded by seniority option; that is, the most senior of the Flight Attendants involved will have the first option to keep the pairing or be released from it without pay protection.  Her/his line guarantee will be reduced when electing not to keep the pairing. Alternatively, she/he may choose to be pay protected and will be subject to reassignment in accordance with the provisions of Section 7.Q.

When the trip duplication is the result of a Company error and  if the error is not corrected prior to the calendar day of he pairing, the most senior Flight Attendant involved in the duplication error shall have the first option of being released from assignment with no reduction in her/his line guarantee.

Please contact your Local Council if you have further questions.

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