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Work History Record/ Tracking Attendance Points

Date: August 10, 2019

MEC Grievance Committee  

JCBA Section 22.A.4. was negotiated to provide for Flight Attendants with the ability to access their individual work record electronically.  This provision provides us with the ability to view and track our individual attendance records and any applicable Attendance or Performance Warnings that have become a part of our Work History.

It is strongly recommended that Flight Attendants regularly check their work history record by logging into CCS and clicking on the Work History Tab, located on the main menu.

Flight Attendants who identify discrepancies or who have questions concerning their Work History record are encouraged to contact their base supervisor when the discrepancy is first noticed.  You should be aware of all notations in your work history before they are entered.  Any instance where you dispute the information in your work history that is not adequately resolved should be reported to your Local Council Grievance Committee.

Note: The Company will consider any notations of non-disciplinary discussions regarding dependability or job performance as cleared from a Flight Attendant’s record after a two (2) year period of active service from the date of issuance, provided that no disciplinary action or further notations have been issued during that period.

Please review Sections 22 and 23 of the JCBA which governs Personnel Files and the Investigations & Grievance procedures. In addition, the Dispute Resolution, Attendance and Performance Management Flight Attendant Guide  is a helpful resource.

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