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A Message from Doug McKeen – Sr. Vice President Labor Relations

Date: September 6, 2019

Earlier this week, Doug McKeen sent a letter to a specific group of Flight Attendants addressing trip trading and emphasizing the company’s zero tolerance policy on bullying and intimidation. While aspects of the letter are specific to a location, the communication contains some important reminders of which all of us should be aware. The text of Mr. McKeen’s letter follows:

“In recent weeks we have received a number of reports of lists that have been circulated anonymously claiming to be either individuals under investigation or individuals who have reported to the company on inappropriate trading practices. I can assure each of you that these lists were not created by United and have no relevance to the investigation.

In March I sent out a memo to all flight attendants about inappropriate trip trading practices. Since that time, the team responsible for investigating trading practices has spent many hours reviewing trade data from our flight attendant scheduling system. Any investigations that have or will be conducted are based on that independent data. This ongoing investigation process is not based on unsupported accusations, innuendo or the inclusion, or lack of inclusion, on any third-party list that may be circulating.

If you are the individual creating one of these lists, the spread of this false information is causing division within our flight attendant ranks and needs to stop immediately. If you receive a copy of one of these lists, please discard it so you aren’t contributing to the problem. Finally, I would remind everyone that we expect all of our employees to treat each other with dignity and respect, irrespective of whether some unknown person decided to arbitrarily place a name on a list.

As captured in our Working Together guidelines, the company has a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of bullying or intimidation of a fellow employee. If you are subjected to this behavior by another employee, please report it to your base leadership and human resources immediately.”

From the perspective of AFA, our collective objective, first and foremost, is to avoid these situations. Should differences of opinion arise, we always make every effort to resolve professional differences within our ranks. Our dedicated EAP/Professional Standards volunteers are always available to help. If you have questions or concerns, we encourage you to reach out to your Local EAP Committee Members or contact 800 424 2406 for assistance.

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