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“ANY FA” Bid Position has Launched on Monthly Line Bid Screen

Date: January 15, 2020

Effective with the current bidding period for the February 2020 bid month, there is an additional option on the Monthly Line Bid screen (in CCS) in the drop-down menu when position bidding.

Through this new enhancement, instead of selecting each Non-Purser/Non-Language bid position (FA01-FA06) that could exist in any given line of flying, Flight Attendants will have an easier way to select all Non-Purser/Non-Language bid positions with a single entry on the primary bidding screen in CCS. When the bidding window for February opened at 0800 HDT on January 12, 2019, this Non-Purser/Non-Language position became available for bid.

There will be no change to a Flight Attendant’s ability to bid a Line of Flying without specifying a specific position by selecting “ANY”, indicating the her/his choice of whichever position is available based on seniority/qualification during the bid process. 

Flight Attendants will also have the option to bid any Non-Purser/Non-Language position by bidding “ANY FA”. The “ANY FA” bid position will indicate the Flight Attendant is bidding for any available position EXCEPT for Purser and Language.

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