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AFA-CWA Union Dues Play a Vital Role in Negotiations

Date: January 17, 2020

MEC Communications Committee 

We all work together to support the programs that benefit and advance our careers and our profession. We are AFA and our Union dues dollars are is the way we all chip in and collectively contribute to defend and advance our careers. 

As we prepare for the upcoming Contract 2021 Negotiations, questions have arisen as to what percentage of our Union dues are dedicated to negotiations. The chart displays show how all Union dues at AFA are allocated to each area of critical importance for each of our Members. 

Union dues budgeted for negotiations make it possible for the Members of our Negotiating Committee who will be bargaining for Flight Attendant’s pay and working conditions to listen to the items that are important for each of us. Negotiations is a core representational activity of our Union, that is, making and defending our Contracts. In addition to the Committee’s other responsibilities, the end result is improved contract language ultimately improving pay, benefits and working conditions.

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