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Changes to Preflight Safety Checks - eFAOM Revision 31

Date: January 17, 2020


MEC Safety, Health and Security Committee

eFAOM Revision 31 was announcedin the January 15, 2020 Inflight Services Weekly and became available for download on January 16, 2020. The contents of the revision become effective February 1, 2020.


Of significance, revision 31 outlines the changes to our current practice of conducting preflight safety checks. As Safety Professionals, we know the critical importance of having the required equipment in the correct location and functioning properly in order to effectively handle emergencies should the occasion arise. 


Beginning February 1, 2020, Flight Attendants will conduct Preflight Safety Checks using the eFAOMon Link. Additionally, each Flight Attendant’s assigned position will have individual assigned Preflight Checks rather than zonal checks, which will take less time to complete. The change ensures preflight safety check compliance, as well as increased accuracy and efficiency of the equipment checks. 


Please contact your Local Council Safety, Health & Security Committee with any questions.

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