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Line Observer Safety Audit (LOSA) Positions Posted on Flying Together

Date: January 17, 2020


MEC Safety Health and Security Committee

Coming this week, an opportunity to apply for a LOSA observer position will be posted on Flying Together. Perhaps you were a previous observer or participated in an observation flight or you have skills as an observant person with great writing skills; either way, this is an exciting new opportunity. 


AFA, ALPA, United and the LOSA Collaborative Group are kicking off the 2020 LOSA. LOSA voluntary observations will bring forward data that can be used to advance safety at United Airlines. This is a peer to peer based, confidential, non-punitive, program in which Flight Attendants are able to voluntarily agree to be observed. During the observation, the observer will collect data for the LOSA Group that will be used to provide opportunities for safety improvements for both Crew and Passengers. 


Read up on the LOSA program at the link below. If this interests you, read up on the observer program and locate the application at the second link below.  


To read about LOSA


To find the application

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