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E-Lines: March 27, 2020

Date: March 27, 2020

April Bidding and Trading Process Award Timeline

Primary line awards will be visible in CCS today, March 27 by 1700 Local Time with primary awards loaded by 2000 CT. 
The trading process has been modified and compressed and all trading activities will occur based on the following schedule.  




Mutual Trading Begins

March 27 @ 2000 Local Time

EOM Conflict Drops

March 28 @ 1000 CT

EOM Mutual Trades Suspended

March 28 @ 1000 CT

Self- adjustments Begin

March 28 @ 1600 CT

Self-adjustments End

March 30 @ 0400 Local Time

Real-time Trading Opens for all Bases

March 30 @ 1200 Local Time

Interaction of Guarantee and 71-Hour Minimum (Section 4.C.)

Now that the April line awards have been published there numerous questions remain regarding pay and how the pay protections of Section 4.C. interact with guarantee and how trip trading activities will impact both.The following 
E-lines article published on March 24, 2020 provides valuable information for Flight Attendants seeking clarification of the process’. 

United Offers Enhanced Voluntary Separation Package

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has brought United Airlines, any by our association, each of us an uncertainty that we have never been faced with in our company’s history. As the COVID-19 crisis has evolved, we’ve seen the company begin to take steps to conserve capital resources by reducing discretionary spending and to reduce overall costs. Extraordinary steps have been taken, to date, to avoid the need to reduce employees through an involuntary furlough and many of us have made the sacrifice to take unpaid time away from work while those of us remaining have seen reduced line averages and changes to the development of our monthly flying schedule. All of this is presenting each of us with new challenges.

While all of these actions have contributed to United’s ongoing effort to reduce costs, the reality of the situation is that the spread of the COVID-19 virus is resulting in certain state or local governments imposing restrictions, such as shelter-in-place orders, unpredictably on travelers as well as the residents of their communities. The impact of these restrictions continues to have an adverse impact on overall demand for travel. In recent days we’ve seen new restrictions that are further reducing, even eliminating, demand for travel all of which suggests this situation may require additional action.

Starting Thursday, March 26, and through April 10, 2020, any employee in the U.S., Guam or Puerto Rico can request a voluntary separation from the company and receive enhanced medical benefits and travel privileges through a program known as the 2020 Voluntary Separation Program. Details of this company offered program can be found in the following document and at www.unitedafa.org

Reminder for Temporary Measures Regarding Trip Cancellation Notifications 

The recent revision to the airline schedule is resulting in the cancellation of many of our trip pairings later in the month. Crew Scheduling must take action on these cancelled pairings before the pay protection shows up in our Pay Registers. In last Fridays edition of E-lines, we communicated temporary measures for cancellation notifications during these very unique and challenging times are available on our website, www.unitedafa.org

Restoring Reserve Days of Availability to RSV Lines with 16 Days Off for April

The company’s systemwide Reserve parameters for April established that all Reserve schedules would be built with more than the Contractual 12 days off. For April, all Reserve schedules have 16 days off with a commensurate reduction in Reserve Guarantee to 61:32. 

Our Contract provides Flight Attendants with the contractual right to request restoration of some or all the days off above 12. In the bid packet, the lines indicate the days to be restored with a “+”.  When restored, there is a corresponding increase to the Reserve minimum guarantee. 

For the month of April, the Company and AFA have implemented a process intended to reduce the frustration of having to call Crew Planning to restore your days off. The process is outlined in the bid package cover letter and will be accomplished by e-mail.

Send an e-mail no later than March 30th at 0800 HDT with the following information in the subject line:





E-mailcrwschedplan@united.comprior to March 30 at 0800 HDT.

Review the FAQ on this subject or contact your Local Council Reserve Committee.

AFA Employee Assistance/Professional Standards is here to help  

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has brought us a stream of challenges and uncertainty like we’ve never seen before. All of us are now faced with a “new normal” in many areas of our lives – including in our business – that we’re continuously learning how to navigate. As your leadership team, we owe it to you (always, but especially now) to continue to be honest and transparent with you about this situation and the important decisions we face. 

If you would like AFA EAP Support around COVID-19 related issues, please reach out to your Local Council AFA EAP Committee members. Their contact information is available here. Please also remember that a confidential telephonic support group is available to all Flight Attendants under Self Quarantine every Sunday at 8 pm EST and Tuesday at 3 pm EST through April 14, 2020.   The domestic call in number is 855-544-2320/401-648-9218.  Those who are outside the US, please follow the directions to access the Support Call. 

Flight Attendant COVID-19 Exposure Reporting   

If you learn that you have come in contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus, call your physician and follow their instructions. Do not go to a doctor's office unless advised to do so. Report the exposure incident to AFA using the following Exposure to COVID-19 report form. 

Report to AFA Exposure to COVID-19 >

We advise all Flight Attendants in these situations to follow the passenger CDC guidance and advise the company that you do not feel safe to fly. Self-quarantine for 14 days, contact your local health authorities, and monitor for symptoms. AFA is advising all airlines and contacting the FAA, CDC, and lawmakers to get CDC guidance updated. 

Limited Access to U.S. Passport Agencies  


Flight Attendants in need of a new passport and who have not already applied, or who have already applied for your passport, but have not yet received it are encouraged to read the March 26, 2020 notification on CCS regarding limited access to U.S. passport Agencies, due to the COVID-19 health measures implemented to U.S. Department of State’s domestic passport agencies. 

Flight Attendants with a passport that is in jeopardy of expiration or requires replacement for any reason, (i.e. lost or stolen passport or name change, etc.) are reminded that a valid passport, with at least six (6) months left before expiration are a requirement for Crew Members who are on a flight assignment. 
Passport applications and information on how to apply for your passport are located at travel.state.gov.

For guidance on the reimbursement costs for passport renewal can be found in 

Section 3.V.5.a of our JCBA.

Reviewing your Pay Register 
MEC Communications Committee


With the upcoming April bid month Flight Attendants are prepared for historically low line values due to the reduction in flying caused by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. To ensure your pay is calculated correctly it is important to monitor your hours should you make any changes to your awarded schedule to ensure changes are reflected accurately. Review our past E-Lines article Understanding Your Pay to review important reminders about how pay is reflected on our My Pay Register page located in CCS. 

Reference Information to Available Financial Resources and Assistance

Flight Attendants interested in obtaining information regarding financial resources and assistance can find an abundance of financial information available on our website, www.unitedafa.org.The resources range from educational pieces about budgeting and debt management to retirement processes and where to find additional information. 

All Flight Attendants are encouraged to review the numerous resources and utilize the information in accordance to their personal situation.

Details from the IRS on July 15 Tax Deadline  


In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Internal Revenue Service has issued guidance filling in many details of the historic delay in this year’s tax-filing and payment deadlines which have been extended to July 15 from April 15 for many taxpayers due to the coronavirus pandemic.


The IRS has clarified a number of deadlines as follows:


Individual Retirement Account and Roth IRA contributions

Due July 15, 2020

Automatic Filing Extensions

Due October 15, 2020


In addition, there are ways for filers to delay automatic tax payments they previously scheduled for April 15.Detailed information is available in the following 
publication on our website, www.unitedafa.org


For more information on this or other questions, check the IRS’s FAQs and its page devoted to coronavirus issues.

Are the IRS offices closed?

The agency released information about some IRS office closures, taxpayer appointments and correspondence, and the Taxpayer Advocate Service.

Trimester 2 CQ 2020 CBT Requirement Due by April 29

The second trimester CBT requirement launched, March 1, 2020 at midnight CT and must be completed by April 29, 2020 by 2359 CT. The CBT session is estimated to take approximately three hours. Per our Contract, Section 11.B.2, Flight Attendants will be compensated at one-hour (1:00) flight time credit for every three (3:00) hours, prorated. In no case shall a Flight Attendant receive less than one-hour (1:00) flight time pay and credit.

Additionally, once a Flight Attendant has completed CQ, credited compensation will appear in the Add Pay (Base Pay) bucket in the Pay Register before the close of pay for the month in which CQ is completed.  


Review CQ 2020 Changes ,CQ 2020 and CBT training info packet as well as the FAQ on Flying Together or in your Link.

Reminders and Quick Links

March 27              Mutual Trades open 
April 6                   Bids Close for May One-Month Special COLA 0800 CT
April 13                 Easter Monday- LHR Holiday Pay 
April 29                 
2nd Trimester CQ CBT Due 2359 (CT)


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