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Limited Access to U.S. Passport Agencies

Date: March 27, 2020

Flight Attendants in need of a new passport and who have not already applied, or who have already applied for your passport, but have not yet received it are encouraged to read the March 26, 2020 notification on CCS regarding limited access to U.S. passport Agencies, due to the COVID-19 health measures implemented to U.S. Department of State’s domestic passport agencies. 

Flight Attendants with a passport that is in jeopardy of expiration or requires replacement for any reason, (i.e. lost or stolen passport or name change, etc.) are reminded that a valid passport, with at least six (6) months left before expiration are a requirement for Crew Members who are on a flight assignment. 
Passport applications and information on how to apply for your passport are located at travel.state.gov.

For guidance on the reimbursement costs for passport renewal can be found in 

Section 3.V.5.a of our JCBA.

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