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Reserve Information

MEC Reserve Committee

Local Issues: For issues specific to your Council, please contact the Reserve Chairperson in your Local Council. 

Latest News

Vacation Fly Through Election for July Bid Month due by June 5th, 2020

Reserve Restoration Requests Available Now through May 28th

Reserve Day Restoration Request - Available Now via Help Hub

Prolonged Processing Times to Restore Reserve Days of Availability (+)

Reserve Review: When am I Released to Days Off?

Restoration of Reserve Days of Availability - 16 Day Off Reserve Lines

Reserve Review: Transitioning from Lineholder to Reserve

CCS Reserve Message Irregularities when Released (RLSD)

MEC Elections Postponed Until June 16, 2020

FIFO (First In, First Out) Ordering in the Reserve Preference System

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Reserve Resources

Reserve Survival Guide

This guide is based on the scheduling provisions
contained within the 2016 – 2021 Flight Attendant Agreement.

Reserve Preferencing Training Material

Information and resources designed to assist you in becoming
familiar with the Reserve Referencing System

Incident Reporting Form

This printable form may be submitted to your Local Council to
report Reserve scheduling irregularities.

Committee Reports

Reports from the Reserve Committee.

Christmas Wish List

Watch for announcement Holiday time 2020

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